The first grand discovery was time, the landscape of experience. Only by marking off months, weeks
and years, days and hours, minutes and seconds, would mankind be liberated from the cyclical monotony
of nature. The flow of shadows, sand and water, and time itself, translated into the clock's staccato,
became a useful measure of man's movements across the planet. The discoveries of time and of space would
become one continuous dimension. Communities of time would bring the first communities of knowledge,
ways to share discovery, a common frontier of the unknown.

- Francis Bacon - Of Innovations (1625)

Group project for which we integrated a series of subliminal and perishable messages in and around the
environment of Stellenbsoch central. The aim was to create awareness around the unsustainable nature
of time.

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Photography, film, concept.

Edwards, CH. 2009. Unsustainable Nature of Time, Digital Photographs, 15cm x 9cm. Stellenbosch,
South Africa.