Edwards, CH. 2013. FORM / DEFORM, Multiple video projection stills, 1.5m x 1m.
Screened at: The Amsterdam Museum from 15 Jan - 18 Feb 2013, as part of the Winter SALON/.

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Food and clothing belong to our body, but they can also be seen as two separate entities.
Adding the human body to these two entities means that there will be some kind of deformation
and the remains of human activity. Shape determines expression, and the function takes place second.

Projecting photographs on printed photographs to create 'light' silkscreen.
1) Wear garments.
2) Analogue photographs of worn garments.
3) Printing of photographs.
4) Video / documentation of food changing form.
5) Projection of (food) video footage on top of (worn garments) printed photographs.
6) Filming of two layers to capture unexpected compositions of crossover projections.
7) Final projection of filmed projection.

Concept, photography, film