Edwards.CH, 2012, Dis-similar, Recycled Fireman Uniforms, Black Paint, 2m x 0.9m, Exhibited at: MaHKU as part of Master my Thesis Presentation, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2012.


A striped garment or rather a visual system of order and disorder are closely related to human behaviour stretching as far back as to the association with certain animal species, Medieval Renaissance uniforms and also visible in the history of prisoner garments. With this experiment, I wanted to deconstruct the linguistic aspect of a garment, to break it down to the verbal meaning it portrays. Based on the structural analysis of Roland Barthes' notion of written garment, which directs away from the real garment. Whereas ‘the semiology of Fashion is directed toward a set of collective representation’.

Barthes, R (1983) The Fashion System, Translated from French by Matthew Ward and Richard Howard. Berkeley: University of California Press. Pp.9

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Concept, photography, graphic design