Cornelia Edwards' artistic research practice is process-oriented and multi-disciplinary, and specifically focussed on photography theory (optical), textile theory (tactile) and art education (practical). Originally from South Africa, she completed her BA in Visual Communication Design from the University of Stellenbosch, ZA; her MA in Visual Communication Design (Cum Laude) at the MaHKU in Utrecht, NL and her PGCE in secondary Visual Art at the University of Pretoria, ZA. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Art Didactics at he Faculty of Education at the Charles University in Prague, CZ.

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• Research Member of the AMASS (Acting on the Margin) European Commission Funded Project.

• Research Member of PROGRES Q17, Charles University, Prague. Teacher Preparation and
Profession in the Context of Science and Research. Sub-theme: Visual Literacy.


• European Online Forum and Workshop on Education-Oriented Design Making, 4 - 5 June 2021
Bauhaus Dessau.

• Abstract presentation at the Europe Regional Congress 2021: Being Radical, Making is Art and Education. 6-9 July 2021, Baeza, ES.

• Abstract presentation at the ECER 2021 Conference: Education and Society: Expectations, Prescriptions, Reconciliations. 6-9 September, Geneva, CH.

• International Virtual Conference attendance: Methodologies of Sonic Thinking.
Between Artistic Research and Phenomenology. Hosted by Czech Academy of Sciences,
Faculty of Philosophy and the Jan-Evangelista-Purkyne University, 23-25 November,
Usti nad Labem, CZ.

• International Virtual Conference attendance: Art Education in the time of Corona
Virus: Reflecting on today, Anticipating Tomorrow. Czech Section of InSEA,
Palacky University Olomouc, 12-15 October CZ.

• Conference attendance: ‘Collecting Bauhaus’, 2–5 December, Dessau, DE.

• Guest lecturer on ‘Art Education In An International Context’ for the Master of Art
Education Students, Charles University, 12 March, Prague, CZ.

• (Net)workshop and Lecture, The Master of Arts Education Students,
Faculty Of Education of The University Of Maribor, 25-27 February, SI.

• Abstract presentation at the ‘Image, Phenomenon, and Imagination in the
Phenomenology of Religious Experience’ SOPHERE Biennial Congress. Institute of
Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, 2-4 November, Prague, CZ.

• Conference attendance: at The European Network for Visual Literacy (ENViL),
in collaboration with ESPE of Paris, FR. (University Paris-Sorbonne) and
Pantheon-Sorbonne. “Competencies in Art Education: Structure, Assessment and
Assignments in Diverse Educational Contexts”, 12-14 March, Paris, FR.

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• Camera Obscura Photography Exhibition, French Institute, Prague, CZ (2019).
• Camera Obscura Photography Exhibition, French Institute, Prague, CZ (2018).
• SALON\Dantel installation, IKSV Design Biennial, Istanbul, TR (2014).
• KANT | KANT 3D Installation at the ‘Onse Lieve Heer op Solder’ Museum, Amsterdam, SALON\KANT, NL (2013).
• FORM | DEFORM film projection screening at the Amsterdam Museum, Winter\SALON, NL (2013).
• SPECTATOR VEST (Paris) 3D installation, 27 Sint Jansstraat, Amsterdam, Winter\SALON, NL (2013).
• HORIZONTAL | VERTICAL Group Exhibition, MaHKU, NL (2012).
• Textile Design Showcase in Vogue (Italy); & ELLE ZA, Cover of November Issue (2012).
• KOTTONKNIT Object Presentation, Cape Town Convention Centre, ZA (2011).
• Social Product Design, Second Runner-Up In The Woolworths SA Design Awards (2010).
• Design Indaba Magazine Portrait Photography Showcase, ZA (2010).
• Sustainable Designer Showcase : BBC Style Network, TV, UK (2010).
• Guest Speaker at the Wimbledon Cluster Sustainability Project, University of Stellenbosch, ZA (2010).
• Textile Design for Fashion Label launched at Cape Town Fashion Week, Runway, ZA (2010-2013).

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